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“At Eicorn, we are challenging the status quo of innovation practices and management. Our team of experienced experts are helping some of largest companies and growing SMEs in the Nordics to reach their business development goals and visions for the future.”

The key to Eicorn’s success

Our focus is on delivering evidence-based solutions grounded in proven best-practices with a strive to be even better. Whether you seek to develop business strategy or change management processes, improve business growth, or drive corporate innovation and venturing, we help navigate around the pitfalls that come with the unfounded assumptions, biases and poor analysis that contaminate so many off the shelf tools and business practices.

What makes us special

Our experts, best described as entrepreneurial senior management consultants, come with years of specialised experience from industries as diverse as engineering, IT, physics, life-science, military and defence, business services, sales and psychology. As well as being experienced entrepreneurs, our knowledgeable team delivers insights from across a broad spectrum of industries.

But perhaps what makes us most unique is how deeply we understand innovation –inception to maturity, from start-ups to multi-nationals. Having supported start-ups across the business development cycle, and established successful corporate venture programs in large corporations, our Enterprise Ignition™ methodology captures the value of an evidence-based approach to innovation problems.

Find out today how we can help you improve your business’s innovation practices, strategy, organisation, business development, and so much more!

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or call us at +46 (0) 709 – 756 175

Linus Bille

Linus BilleChallenging the Status Quo of Innovation

Christian Lauritzen

Christian is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer with a passion for creating synergies around him by connecting companies, people and ideas. He enjoys challenging conventional thinking by combining a good understanding of novel technologies and business models, with experience from what works in traditional industries and large corporations along with a pinch of creativity. He is quick to identify opportunities and risks, along with an understanding how to realise or avoid them.

Christian has founded, invested in and/or managed a series of companies. Several of them have been very successful, the largest to date being Adlibris Internet Bookstore (co-founder). As a manager and a management consultant he has enjoyed a career that has given him skills and insights that he can make use of in most situations, ranging from board and advisory positions to hands on management assignments. He is a frequent speaker on this topic for companies in traditional industries that are struggling with the accelerating changes in the business environment and the rate of their own innovation.

Christian is often told that he inspire to business creativity and creation, and he tends to attract other entrepreneurs and managers, potential clients, partners and future colleagues which has resulted in an extensive personal network. In combination with analytical skills and know-how, this continuously leads to new possible business constellations and opportunities, often with an interesting twist.

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Linus Bille

Linus is an experienced and well educated entrepreneur with a complementary deep understanding of corporate innovation, venturing and business development. He has founded, advised and managed a handful of companies, headed the Web & Mobile business area at HiQ, and 2015 he finished Executive MBA studies at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, with overall Distinction grades and the Dean’s Commendation.

Linus is also an internationally acclaimed speaker on the topic of digital transformation as well as evidence-based venture creation and innovation management, with recent appearances at the Innovation Roundtable Summit in Copenhagen, CEED Global Conference in Sofia, and the A*HA FinTech conference in Calgary. He  has an extensive business network in the Nordics and is frequently approach by other entrepreneurs for help with deal making of fundraising. In recent years, also VCs are turning to Linus for deal origination and assessment of opportunities for venture investments in Sweden.

As a colleague and manager Linus is very open and positive, and his deep passion for coaching other people makes him a natural and respected leader. He has a great capability to think outside the box that in combination with the ability to inspire coworkers, business partners and customers often leads to valuable co-created solutions to complex problems.

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Linus Bille

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