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Working at Eicorn, in a Nutshell

Eicorn is a workplace like few others, maybe even no other. We are a tribe of builders. We are highly skilled and drilled entrepreneurs and consultants, but what truly unites us is the love of building things that last. We recognize that the ultimate luxury is time to do what we love, and the pivotal investment of our time is to work on our own innovations and startups. Consequently, we spend half of our time consulting our awesome clients on their innovation and venturing, and half our time exploring new opportunities and starting new companies.

We are also a tribe of believers in scientific methodologies: The power of knowing over guessing; the logic behind the perceived magic of innovation and startup success. Our proprietary framework, Enterprise Ignition™, is an ever evolving mix of scientific methodologies, philosophies and practices that fuel our work in large organisations as well as in startups. This is the foundation of our unfair advantage in a market dominated by assumption-based decision-making and wishful thinking.

All members of our core team are co-founders and shareholders of each and every startup we launch, through our venture portfolio. Everyone working at Eicorn is also considered a potential future founding CEO for one of our startups, if and when such a career move makes sense. In essence: Eicorn is a fenomenal place to work for entrepreneurial people that enjoy diversity, that value the team’s success most of all, and that love the challenge that comes with building a portfolio of companies rather than a single venture.

Our remuneration model is simple and transparent: At Eicorn we enjoy the combination of security of employment with opportunity of future exits. To balance this financially, we do not compete with other firms on short-term pay, but make sure salaries are comfortable and decent. The potential long-term compensation for this is evident of course: To partake in not one but several future exits of Eicorn’s ventures, as well as to be in a constant hot-spot for jumping into a C-suite role in one of those startups.

If this sounds like the type of company you would thrive in, and you consider Gothenburg or Stockholm your home (or would consider moving here) but the world to be your workplace; then you should take your pic below and send us your application!

Spontaneous Application

Are you intrigued by Eicorn’s value proposition towards employees as well as to corporate clients? But, you cannot see yourself filling one of the roles below? Or, rather, you could do so many different things, why chose one!? 😉
It may well be that what you have to offer is way more valuable than any role we could imagine and compose a listing for. That is why we always encourage spontaneous applications! Tell us what you have to offer, and why you would like to work at Eicorn. Be epic, but also be on point. Thank you!

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Teller of Epic Stories

This is a core team position that is central to the expansion of Eicorn and our success. Behind every great Venture or major Innovation is a great story. The ability to tell this story well; for different audiences, during different stages of progress, internally as well as externally; has a huge impact on the likelihood of success.

Make no mistake though; we are not looking for a traditional copywriter. You may have to write simple marketing material, but that is just a task –not a competency. You probably have to compose tenders and business plans from time to time, also tasks and not competencies. We need you to be a Teller of Epic Stories, someone who’s competency it is to find the nerve in every new technology, product or service our clients or we ourselves decide to invest our time and resources in to nurture and grow.

Our guess is that you are a senior creative thinker, writer and tech-oriented renaissance-person who can realise and articulate a genuine and engaging story from just about anything. You may feel that your successful career as a creative director, screen or game writer, author, or whatever you with your talent, is getting a bit saturated; and what you just read above about Eicorn’s need for epic stories feels like the most daring challenge in a long time. If you read this far –you should probably apply!

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Lead Technologist

This is a core team position that is central to the expansion of Eicorn and our success. Few, if any, startups and innovations today are built without a technological aspect that is central to or at least very important for its success. Many of these technologies are digital, software-based platforms or applications common to most of us, while others are more exotic and one of a kind.

To navigate wisely and efficiently thru the ever-growing jungle of new and existing tech, we need a multitalented Lead Technologist to oversee tech-efforts in each and all of our in-house venture projects, as well as select client technologies. In this role you also like to get your hands dirty and work directly with software architecture and code in some projects, the 3D printer or some electronics in our prototyping workshop, or explore new materials proposed for novel applications. It is also fundamental that you understand major technology trends and can argue for why and how tech is likely to evolve and change our world going forward.

Our guess is that you have at least a university master degree in some flavour of engineering, and 10 to 15 years of work experience including software development. You probably are or have been a consultant at one of the top technology consultancy firms, and you enjoy the challenges that come from working with different clients, different technologies, and different people. You are a problem-solver in your heart and soul, but you have just realised that you need more puzzling problems than the ones you face in your job today to continue to grow and prosper. That is why you are going to go ahead and apply for the role as Lead Technologist at Eicorn!

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Head of Design

This is a core team position that is central to the expansion of Eicorn and our success. Venture creation and innovation without proper design expertise is like brewing beer in bottles without labels. For us, design is a core competency that needs to be present from the first moment of ideation to the point where the product or service created, its brand, team, and context can sustain its own design needs.

As Head of Design at Eicorn you will be responsible for every aspect of visual experiences related to Eicorn and our own ventures. To shoulder this responsibility, we think you have a strong passion for beauty and simplicity that continuously guide you to create amazing things. We expect you to be able to cover a large part of design needs by your own efforts, and to oversee and direct design work performed by others. We also expect you to work part-time with our corporate clients, to bring design excellence to selected external innovation and venturing projects.

We think you are a senior designer with broad experience from digital work, branding and identity building, startup and corporate environments. You appreciate the insights available from academic and industry studies of the impact of design in different applications, and embrace an evidence-based decision process also for creative work. If you look for something very challenging and most likely much more diverse than what you are doing today, this is your chance for an adventure like no other!

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Master of Project Management

This is a core team position that is central to the expansion of Eicorn and our success. Project Management direction, including meticulous execution of our evidence-based venture creation process, is a very important function at Eicorn, and we are looking for someone who can be our Master of Project Management. This means delivering clear and concise to the point communication, internally and externally; the seniority to address top executives; comfortability and skills to manage uncertainties; and an integrity and almost religious belief that decisions are to be made with speed, but always based on facts.

Projects at Eicorn are naturally agile, but we are careful about going all in with any theoretical project management methodology such as Scrum. Successful management of a portfolio of projects is all about cherry-picking the tools, metrics and team most likely able to ace the specific challenges of each and every project. We think you understand this type of portfolio thinking, and are used to backing up your decisions with empirical facts, or your own clear analysis based on your experiences.

You are probably currently a seasoned project manager or responsible for operations in your organisation. You have experience from a broad range of projects; early stage and late stage execution, digital as well as physical product development, organisational as well as technological change management; but find yourself currently doing a bit too much of the same. You are all for routine professionalism when dealing with project related issues, but not so much for only dealing with routine challenges, and that is why you will apply to become Eicorn’s Master of Project Management!

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Team and Talent Director

This is a core team position that is central to the expansion of Eicorn and our success. Eicorn’s big differentiator is our evidence-based Enterprise Ignition methodology, but ultimately –it is applied and executed by people and teams. The team is often viewed as the most important component in any startup or big corporate project, yet it is the rule rather than the exception that the team composition and dynamics are heavily overlooked and neglected by managers and investors. At Eicorn, we aim to be different and employ a superb Team & Talent Director.

Your magic is in making teams work. Either by being the team architect, selecting the right people, or by evaluating, stimulating and modifying existing teams to create a feeling of purpose, meaning and energy. You have your say in any and every team we are involved in. It can be venturing teams in large corporations or the core group of new startups that we are launching or igniting. Your background is probably as a psychologist or behavioural scientist having worked with teambuilding and coaching. You’re known for your magic, and your sheer presence makes a difference to struggling teams.

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Eicorn Venture Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to build a great company? When we say build, we literally mean build –not so much innovate, pivot, venture into the unknown, etc… Eicorn’s venture creation business is fuelled by our evidence-based methodology, Enterprise Ignition, which is used to take internal business ideas (mostly) and carefully package them into executable plans. Hence, we are looking for entrepreneurs with strong executive abilities (sales/marketing/leadership/capacity building) rather than the most innovative ones.

We frequently tell people that if they love startups they are not for us. Startups are full of uncertainties and inefficiencies amplifying risks for investors and the workload for everyone involved. The startup-loving entrepreneur is not intrinsically incentivised to reduce uncertainties and focus on efficient operations, and is therefor not likely to make decisions in the interest of investors or teammates.

At Eicorn we welcome entrepreneurs who, like us, love great companies. Companies that have positive cash flows, stellar growth, scalability, strong competitive advantages, diversity and great culture, clear vision, and aligned multi-tier leadership. All these things are grown out of the fragile startup that every company is initially, not by chance but by professional and strong entrepreneurial execution. If you possess this type of professional executive ability, regardless of your role today, you may well be one of the entrepreneurs we are looking for!

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Apply to Join Us!

You may apply to join us in two different “streams”, depending on your ambition, time availability, and other factors. There is a fast-track stream for those who wish to just get an application in our hands quickly and effortlessly. However, this is a very crowded stream where we get a lot of “spam” applications, and we can not promise to respond to every application unfortunately, so keep that in mind.

If you wish to self-sort out your application from the less serious ones that we receive in the fast-track stream, please apply through our high-attention stream. We understand that this may be time-consuming and require an intellectual effort beyond what most job-applications will demand, but well executed it will also separate you from all the “noise” that unfortunately reach us these days. In return we promise to read and respond swiftly to every submission that meet our high-attention application requirements.

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Please use this form if you wish to apply quickly and effortlessly:

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Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and that you have invested enough time in it to make it shine, and make you proud of yourself. (Also make sure it is publicly viewable!) Pleas do not send us invitations to connect as part of applying to join us, we only accept invitations from people we have met and established a relationship with, thank you for your understanding.

You should have at least three recommendations from former co-workers, customers, or equal contacts on LinkedIn. If this is not possible due to privacy and/or non-disclosure reasons, please provide us directly with three equal one-paragraph statements from named sources.

Please fill out the form below. We appreciate your clear and concise response, please try to make an impact using as few (but well selected) words as possible, thanks!

Please note that we don’t want a CV document within this stream, instead we expect you to have a fully updated public LinkedIn profile. Thank you for your understanding!