Welcome to our new beautiful website! We wanted its concept to mirror something in the Eicorn DNA, throughout the site. Our previous site was built around a concept of the laws of nature: inevitably pulling everything back to ground –if it was not for science that took us to the sky and beyond.

The new site is conceptualized around graphical representations inspired by complexity science, for several reasons. First of all, complexity webs and patterns are breathtakingly beautiful, and invite the eye to contemplate over the fascinating mysteries that lays in the meeting-points of ecologies, light rays, force fields, showers of ideas and pools of creativity.

Complexity science is also fundamentally different from traditional engineering sciences, which is very important from an entrepreneurship and innovation point of view. Engineering is the science of logic, how to build machines –even the most intricate ones, and get them to run efficiently.

Complexity science is as close to a discipline of what can be called magic as it gets. It deals with the probabilities, causes, stimuli’s and consequences of interactions between idiosyncratic systems, i.e. things that act more organically than mechanically. Such is the nature of innovation and entrepreneurship, though these things are too often treated as machines that can be built and lubricated. They are in fact things that can be engrained, nurtured and cultivated, scientifically and successfully if treated as complexities and not complications.

We hope you will enjoy our new website, and all the content that will soon be featured here!