Eicorn Startups

Startups at Eicorn are the graduates of successful in-house innovation projects developed with our Enterprise Ignition™ framework. These projects are often based on our own curiosity and understanding of a particular problem, in combination with facts and data that jointly form a foundation for ideation and creativity. However, we also form projects with corporate partners and external entrepreneurs that may have spotted a societal, environmental or technical problem or opportunity, but do not know how to approach it.

In what we call our portfolio, we mix our proprietary innovation projects and startups with joint ventures and investments in entrepreneurs that build evidence based businesses. We spend about 50% of our time at Eicorn working with our portfolio projects and startups. In fact, the most important quality for anyone and everyone on our team is the love to build things that last. A crucial mechanism for long term success is also the support between teams and individuals which is why all Eicorn core team members are co-founders in all of our startups, even the ones they are not (currently) involved in.

Our strategic focus is not set to any specific field, but given our founders’ backgrounds in tech, most of the projects we run are quite techy. Current portfolio projects and startups concern AI, Mixed Reality (VR/AR), Future Foods, and Future Mobility. Please check back soon, we will present part of our portfolio in detail during 2018.

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