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The world is in need of a more robust and predictable “operating system” for innovation. Our mission is to pioneer this next paradigm of human and industrial value-creation through innovation. This is WHY we do what we do.

Where is the need for this next-level operating system for innovation most pressing? We predict that the next big wave of innovation in the world comes largely from big corporations. Therefore, designing and running innovation programs for large organisations is WHAT we do at Eicorn.

What really differentiates us from most other innovation consulting firms is HOW we operate and manage to outfit big firms with high-performing innovation programs that challenge the status quo of mainstream innovation practices. The framework that constitutes our HOW is called Enterprise Ignition, or simply EI, and it is at the core of everything we do.

The competitive advantage of Enterprise Ignition

Eicorn’s methodology to drive better and more predictable results from innovation activities rests on three pillars:

  1. The ability to understand things more truthfully, i.e. to be less biased as an observer and more thorough and balanced during data analysis
  2. The ability to consistently make high-quality decisions and distinguish between the quality of a key decision and its outcome
  3. The ability to work smart with the right things at the right moment and build models for continuous execution rather than one-off plans

In fewer words, EI delivers better insights, more effective strategies and stronger operational excellence for innovation work, than any current mainstream innovation operating model. Why is that?

There are two fundamental operating systems at work in the world of human activities: Belief-based systems and evidence-based systems. The starting point for Enterprise Ignition is the realisation that operating within the current mainstream innovation system is to operate mostly based on beliefs about how the world works. Instead, we argue that every step of the innovation journey can be taken from a point of empirical enlightenment instead of wishful thinking.


Enterprise Ignition is about driving a shift in how we think and do things within the human operating system that deals with innovation activities. Fully explored and practiced, this shift constitutes a significant competitive advantage for our clients. You will know more about things for which your competitors are only making guesses or operate (often unknowingly) on pure beliefs. In every area of human activity, knowing beats believing when it comes to creating sustainable and predictable value. We pioneer making that arbitrage a real opportunity for our clients.

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