We Build Innovative Organisations

If your answer is YES to one of the questions below, this introduction is for you!

1. Do you know your organisation needs some kind of innovation program, but you don’t know how, where or what to start with to get it going?

2. Do you already run an innovation program at your company, but things are in general not working out as expected?

So, you answered YES to one of these questions. That means you are in good company with thousands of business executives and managers around the world. Innovation is one of the last capabilities in the business realm to remain being seen as an artform by most people, amateurs as well as professionals. But this view is increasingly being challenged, and Eicorn is one of the pioneering thought-leaders and practitioners within the present global movement towards evidence-based innovation practices. Since you are here reading this, you probably adhere to this movement as well.

What we can do for you

Eicorn is a start-to-goal partner to well-established companies that need to improve on innovation. We work with a structured framework, based on the scientific method, to transform innovation program ambitions into successful realities. We also help companies get on track with their existing innovation programs if results are not materialising or other problems hinder their progress. Typically, this means we help analyse, plan, design and execute undertakings such as:

  • Innovation capability assessment
  • Innovation strategy development
  • Innovation program development
  • Leadership development programs to foster innovation
  • Corporate culture development programs to foster innovation
  • Organisational learning programs to foster innovation
  • Innovation principles and processes development and implementation
  • Training programs for innovation teams
  • Corporate events related to innovation
  • And anything else related to innovation capabilities and capacity

What you can expect as outcomes

We work with creating and realising unique and defendable future revenue-streams for you. That should be the main expectation for all of our clients. But it takes time to realise such results and short- to mid-term you probably expect something more tangible. The vehicles to future revenues that Eicorn helps you establish we simply call innovation programs. Such innovation programs can be:

  • An innovation department within your company
  • An ambidextrous organisational design (usually a semi-autonomous innovation-arm of the firm)
  • A corporate Incubator or accelerator for internal or external ideas
  • A shared innovation hub with industry peers, academia or other partners
  • A co-creation program with clients, suppliers, students or startups
  • A corporate venture investment program (investing in startups)
  • Or any other type of innovation or corporate venturing program

How we work

Our way of working is our most important principle: We strive to always be Guided by Evidence. Making decisions based on observations and logic rather than beliefs is the simple but powerful principle that drives our success, and our clients’ success. We offer our intellectual property as well as our expertise as consultants. You can expect us to deliver decision support and key results within strategy development as well as operations.

Client checklist

We only work with selected clients that we know can benefit greatly from our expertise and specialisation. If you can answer YES to all three questions below, you are a perfect fit to work with us!

  1. You need to start, re-start or boost innovation in your company
  2. You are, at least partially, located in northern Europe
  3. You want to challenge the status quo of innovation practice, and hear more about the evidence-based approach

Then YES, Eicorn can help you build your own innovation factory!

Some of our clients

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Call us today to discuss how we can be of service!

Karl Sjöblom: +46 (0)725 455 900

Or fill out the form below