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Pt. 1: The Learning Imperative – Lizards and Black Boxes

By Eicorn's Management Consultant Daniel Borg Did you know that the green anoles lizards have gone through a rapid evolutionary sprint over the past 15 years and developed sticky feet so that they can live higher up in the trees? The reason: their former ground habitat got invaded by [...]

Flygande Spårvagnar (Swedish)

Ett innovationsreportage från framtiden Eicorn hade förmånen att få föreläsa för drygt 400 entreprenörer, företagsledare, chefer och näringslivsföreträdare på Fusion Experiences event Marstrand Update 2017. För att leverera en riktigt banbrytande och insiktsfull upplevelse utöver det vanliga så tog vi hjälp av våra vänner på Mindbender och skapade ett [...]

When being right is being wrong?

By Eicorn’s Venture Developer and Consultant Esin Saribatir“As an intelligence analyst, I would frequently and persistently hear the mantra ’80 per cent on time, instead of 100 per cent too late’. The reason? Intelligence is useless unless it is actionable, and for it to be actionable, it needs to be [...]

The Case for Corporate Venturing

Corporate venturing is on the rise around the world once again. It may feel like the entrepreneurship and startup hype is at an all-time high in terms of popularity and merit, also within big corporations. But the truth is that many industries have been down the corporate venture road before, [...]

What is the AI Strategy of your Firm?

There is a new intelligence in town, and it is not made up of grey matter, neurons, synapses and signal substances. It is Artificial Intelligence, unbound by the limitations of the human brain and therefore, in time, capable of disrupting every intelligence-based creation. Including your company. Our intention here is [...]

Eicorn Innovation Management

Is innovation really something that can be managed? Is it not rather something that only happens “magically” as creative minds and ideas meet? This topic is of course grounds for great and endless debates; but our evidence-based view is certainly that management of innovation is a key component for long-term [...]

Military Planning Processes – ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ by another name

By Eicorn’s Venture Developer and Consultant Esin Saribatir “When one thinks of military planning processes, ‘ideation’ and ‘innovation’ are unlikely to be the first terms that come to mind. Or even in the top twenty for that matter. But, perhaps surprisingly, the military planning process is just that – [...]

What Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs can learn from the Military Intelligence Cycle

By Eicorn’s Venture Developer and Consultant Esin Saribatir “In 2010, I started my career working for the Australian government. More specifically for the Defence Intelligence Organisation, under the umbrella of the Australian Department of Defence. Before I began, my caring and considerate corporate friends were quick to educate me to [...]

Bertrand Russel – Eicorn Philosophy

“I should like to say two things, one intellectual and one moral: The intellectual thing I should want to say to them is this: When you are studying any matter or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear [...]

Will you meet me in VR?

By Eicorn’s Founding Partner Christian Lauritzen “Darling, can you help me chop this onion?” “Sure. Just give me a few minutes. I am at work, in a meeting!” “Sorry! I didn’t see that you were in VR.” It is not an impossible scenario. You go to work by putting on [...]

Should Car Manufacturers Stop Selling Cars

By Eicorn’s Founding Partner Christian Lauritzen “Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.”  – Graeme Wood We are at the doorstep of exciting times, especially in automotive. Daily, we can read about autonomous driving and shared ownership and how new technologies and [...]

The Pace of Innovation

By Eicorn’s Dimitri Papaioannou We live in exciting times! We live in an era where the pace of innovation accelerates, introducing disrupting technologies and business models along the way, redefining whole industries. The current business environment encompasses opportunities for those that are prepared and, threats for those that are [...]