Eicorn’s Founding Partner Christian Lauritzen was chairman of the national jury of Venture Cup for the fifth consecutive year. The grand finale is held in Lund this year and features many very exciting startups and entrepreneurs.


Linus Bille

Linus BilleChristian Lauritzen heading the Venture Cup jury
Esin Saribatir 
We are pleased to welcome to our team Esin Saribatir as Consultant and part of our Venture Creation team! She is a passionate consultant and entrepreneur, driven by a desire to achieve the best for her clients. As a former military intelligence advisor, Esin enjoys finding innovative ways of addressing strategic challenges, especially within uncertain and technologically-advanced environments.

With a background in Psychology and as the founder of her own life coaching practice, Esin seeks to incorporate an understanding of human motivations into successful business operations. She has an impressive track-record from operating in volatile security environments, selecting and implementing evidence-based management practices, as well as leading and mentoring junior staff.

Her drive and commitment to deliver the highest-quality outcomes for her clients push her to find new ways to merge innovation and proven processes to resolve complex problems. It is good to have you on board Esin!

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEsin Saribatir joins the Eicorn team
Daniel Borg 
We are pleased to welcome to our team Daniel Borg as Consultant and part of our Venture Creation team! Daniel is a young yet experienced management consultant with a strong intrapreneurial track-record. He has a proven ability to navigate and influence the big corporate world and get things done where other might not get far. 

Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration, (Internationell Civilekonom), from Linköpings Universitet, where he specialised in economics and finance. Daniel is very diligent about delivering extraordinary results and he takes his commitments and relationships very seriously. He is known for his ability to always find ways forward, his positive and curious attitude, and strong work ethic.

We also appreciate Daniel’s 20 years as a top competitor in floorball and an active member and leader of the Swedish floorball community. We welcome him again and wish him a successful tenure at Eicorn.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleDaniel Borg joins the Eicorn team
Linus Bille
Food Venture & Partnering Days brings together Swedish startups with national and international investors and food industries. The two day agenda contain great opportunities for inspiration and networking for future collaboration opportunities. The focus on food is from the wide perspective which includes both services technologies and products within the food sector.

Eicorn Founding Partner and CEO Linus Bille has been invited by the event organiser to moderate the event. Eicorn will also present a new startup at the event, formed out of the MusselUp project, together with a great entrepreneur (to be disclosed soon) that co-founds the new company with us and will head it as CEO going forward. This new venture will also be the first opportunity for investors to partake in one of Eicorn’s startup journeys. Please join the event to learn more and meet the team, or stay tuned for more news, or contact us if you need more specific information.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleLinus Bille Moderator at Food Venture & Partnering Days 2017
Eicorn partnered with Collector Bank and Connect2Capital for a startup-competition with the purpose of awarding one company with the title Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017. It was hard work for the startups to enter this competition since it involved answering a lot of difficult questions that most entrepreneurs typically avoid, such as: “Describe your company’s process of hypothesising, establishing and evaluating evidence, and using these findings in your decision-making.” 

The competition was tough, but one company stood out and was awarded the prize with the motivation:

“The winning startup stands out from the majority in two distinct ways. Firstly, it is considering counter-evidence to its business hypothesis alongside confirmative evidence. Secondly, it has installed a permanent process for converting growth and competitiveness assumptions into measurable data that is playing a key part in the company’s decision making.”

Congratulations Zalster for earning the title Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017! This was the first time a competition like this was held, anywhere in the world as far as we know. The format was discussed and tweaked with founding members of the Center for Evidence Based Management (where Linus Bille is a fellow member) and is expected to return in 2018, possibly at an even larger scale.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleZalster – Evidence Based Startup Strategy 2017
Eicorn logo

Linus Bille

Linus Billeintro
Sofia Kocher and Linus Bille 
Yes! Our MusselUp protein bars scored a shared 4th place in Vinnovas competition for new and climate-smart protein foods! In fierce and incredibly impressive competition with 14 other contesters. We are humbled by and grateful for this recognition and will now go for the next level of R&D of marine-based sports nutrition products, and of course, a market introduction as soon as possible!

Special thanks to Musselfeed AB (CEO Sofia Kocher accompanying Linus Bille in the picture) for providing such a great mussel meal to work with! And to Vinnova for believing in us and this great opportunity to sustainably produce and refine large quantities high-quality full profile protein.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn Startup “MusselUp” Awarded by Vinnova
“Innovation – Safeguarding for the future” was the topic when Christian Lauritzen, cofounder at Eicorn, was the Keynote speaker at a conference in Karlstad, Sweden. Eicorn is giving a series of Key Note speeches on innovation, and this was the first after the summer. “It is fascinating how much technology, which most people perceive as the future, that is already here”, Christian comments. An understanding of trends and the development becomes an increasingly critical skill that all companies must embrace. Innovation is really about understanding new trends and opportunities and utilising it in ways that gives you a competitive edge. Inventing the radically new is only a small part of it. “The pace of change will never again be as slow as now” – Matthew Bishop, The Economist.

Contact us if you are interested in having a one of Eicorn’s founding partners, Linus Bille or Christian Lauritzen, as a speaker at a conference, corporate kickoff, executive management or shareholders meeting, or any other event where entrepreneurship and innovation are key topics.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleInnovation – Safeguarding for the Future
Eicorn cofounder and CEO Linus Bille was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the Stora Connect Dagen 2016 (Grand Connect Day 2016) event in Gothenburg. With a big (700 people) hometown crowd, he took the opportunity to talk about Christian Lauritzen’s and his own 10-year commitment to each other, building Eicorn, and to explain the origins and core concepts of Enterprise Ignition. Enjoy the recording of this speech below. (Unfortunately only in Swedish.)


Linus Bille

Linus BilleThe Origins of Enterprise Ignition
We are pleased to welcome to our team Dimitri Papaioannou as Consultant and Head of Scientific Processes! Dimitri brings 15 years of experience in management and entrepreneurship consulting with PRTM in Silicon Valley and Exelon Partners in Greece and in the US. A technologist at heart, Dimitri completed his Ph.D. in experimental atomic physics at the University of Virginia and worked as research scientist at Philips Research in the Netherlands, where he invented a new technique for breast cancer detection capable of discerning malignant and benign tissue without biopsy; he holds 17 patents on this technique.

Soon after his MBA at Cornell University, Dimitri was General Manager of the premiere strategy, communications and public affairs firm in Greece, CIVITAS, growing the company from 30 employees to 85 in three years. He was also Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for four years at the American College of Greece (DEREE).

We believe that Dimitri’s unique experience, skills and critical thinking will help technology entrepreneurs in the process of launching and growing their business in Scandinavia, as well as big corporations applying innovation programs. We welcome him again and wish him a successful tenure at Eicorn.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleDimitri Papaioannou Joins the Eicorn Team
We are pleased to announce that we are moving in to a new offices at Stena Center, to stay close to the locus of fused science and entrepreneurship that is Chalmers Ventures. Our new Eicorn headquarter is located in the B-building, just two floors above Chalmers Ventures, and we are looking forward to your visit!

Our new address is:
Eicorn AB
Stena Center 1D (visiting address 1B)
SE41292 Göteborg, SWEDEN

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn Moves to new Offices at Stena Center
What are the differences between natural learning and performance effects from failures and successes, from an evidence perspective? Eicorn co-founder and CEO Linus Bille explores data and historical perspectives to challenge the general view that we somehow naturally learn from failure, and similarly suggests that learning from successes is not only more efficient but also much more sticky.


Linus Bille

Linus BilleSee Linus Bille’s Keynote at Ceed Global Conference 2016
Eicorn was represented by Founding Partners Linus Bille and Christian Lauritzen at the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2015 in Copenhagen. The three-day event was packed with networking, key-notes and track talks, for and by the around 500 innovation executives that attended the summit, including Eicorn’s track talk: “Don’t believe the hype! Why an evidence-based business creation and innovation model remains a timeless key to success.”

–The key take away from this talk is that amplified risk taking and a fail forwards culture are not independently causational for greater innovation, and that de-risking individuals’ consequences from failure is, counter intuitively, amplifying innovation failure rather than success, says Christian Lauritzen afterwords. –Unless, of course, the organization can foster a creative culture and make informed decisions on a common platform. This is where Eicorn’s evidence-based framework to develop innovation capabilities comes in, as a timeless yet underutilized tool to drive innovation forward successfully.

See Eicorn’s track talk by Linus Bille below.

Eicorn Founding Partner and Chairman Christian Lauritzen

Linus Bille

Linus BilleSee Eicorn’s Track Talk at IR Summit 2015
Eicorn will be participating at the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2015 in Copenhagen, a gathering with 500 innovation top executives from 200 large international firms. The participants will share experiences and forefront thinking on innovation and venturing during three intense days.

The theme of Eicorn’s speech at IRS2015, which kicks off the second day, is  “Don’t Believe the Hype! Why an Evidence-Based Business Creation and Innovation Model Remains a Timeless Key to Success”, where we will be elaborating on common misconceptions that can lead to value-destruction in the venturing process. Eicorn will demonstrate how proven, evidence-based tools can be used to increase innovation and venture creation output.

We have join forces with our partners Interaktionsbyrån, a Swedish state of the art and Red Dot Award winning digital interface innovator. Jointly, we can mix Eicorn’s evidence-based Enterprise Ignition venturing processes and leadership with the communicative power of interactive prototypes from Interaktionsbyrån.


Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn to Present at Innovation Roundtable Summit 2015
Welcome to our new beautiful website! We wanted its concept to mirror something in the Eicorn DNA, throughout the site. Our previous site was built around a concept of the laws of nature: inevitably pulling everything back to ground –if it was not for science that took us to the sky and beyond.

The new site is conceptualized around graphical representations inspired by complexity science, for several reasons. First of all, complexity webs and patterns are breathtakingly beautiful, and invite the eye to contemplate over the fascinating mysteries that lays in the meeting-points of ecologies, light rays, force fields, showers of ideas and pools of creativity.

Complexity science is also fundamentally different from traditional engineering sciences, which is very important from an entrepreneurship and innovation point of view. Engineering is the science of logic, how to build machines –even the most intricate ones, and get them to run efficiently.

Complexity science is as close to a discipline of what can be called magic as it gets. It deals with the probabilities, causes, stimuli’s and consequences of interactions between idiosyncratic systems, i.e. things that act more organically than mechanically. Such is the nature of innovation and entrepreneurship, though these things are too often treated as machines that can be built and lubricated. They are in fact things that can be engrained, nurtured and cultivated, scientifically and successfully if treated as complexities and not complications.

We hope you will enjoy our new website, and all the content that will soon be featured here!

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn Launches New Website