Eicorn was represented by Founding Partners Linus Bille and Christian Lauritzen at the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2015 in Copenhagen. The three-day event was packed with networking, key-notes and track talks, for and by the around 500 innovation executives that attended the summit, including Eicorn’s track talk: “Don’t believe the hype! Why an evidence-based business creation and innovation model remains a timeless key to success.”

–The key take away from this talk is that amplified risk taking and a fail forwards culture are not independently causational for greater innovation, and that de-risking individuals’ consequences from failure is, counter intuitively, amplifying innovation failure rather than success, says Christian Lauritzen afterwords. –Unless, of course, the organization can foster a creative culture and make informed decisions on a common platform. This is where Eicorn’s evidence-based framework to develop innovation capabilities comes in, as a timeless yet underutilized tool to drive innovation forward successfully.

See Eicorn’s track talk by Linus Bille below.