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Our Values

Evidence before Preference

We adhere to the insight that evidence based decision-making beats personal preference, popular beliefs, gut feelings, and other non-factual grounds to take out direction. This commitment to put facts first influences everything we do. It is the foundation of our unfair competitive advantage in a world focused on opinions and feelings.

Wealth without illth

We are committed to the creation of wealth, financially, socially and environmentally, without the simultaneous creation of illth. This extends to our everyday working conditions, the wellbeing of ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and partners, and not least to our families.

Love is wise, Hatred is foolish

We subscribe to the words of Bertrand Russel, advising future generations that “Love is Wise, Hatred is Foolish”. We chose to not stand quietly or neutral in these times of turbulence and complexity, but to actively advocate for openness, tolerance, diversity, inclusiveness and compassion. In short: Love. Because it is wise.

Together is better

We recognise the power of deeply interconnected minds, goals and ambitions. Our mission is not to nurture the parallel growth of individual careers, but to act as one amazing team where our alliance renders exponential returns. We help each other as often and as much as we can, and we see asking for help as a true virtue and an opportunity for shared growth, always.

Built to last

We are builders, and we love building things that last. To build; on facts, without illth, with love and collaboration; is what makes us jump out of bed every day and go to work with a smile. Being innovative, having a fancy title, standing in the spotlight, are all cool things. Building something that lasts is way cooler.

Think limitless

We believe that it is mandatory to force ourselves to regularly lift our gazes and ignore restrictions as we understand them, to look for new possibilities. It is sometimes painful and challenging, where ideas we believe in may have to be abandoned or radically changed. But our experience is that greatness comes from investing the energy and effort in the process of thinking limitless.

Strive to get it right

We have the integrity to question and resist the fashionable idea that failure have great merit. Thousands of years of innovation and social development was built on the study of masters and the strive to get things right, not to be wrong and move on. With the ambition to be successful in our efforts comes the virtue of grit. Striving to be right means not giving up without first trying really, really hard to pull through.

Afford to be wrong

We strive to get it right, but we also accept that failure is a part of life, and a part of a venturous life especially. We do not stigmatise failure, but we focus on minimising the adverse effects that may come from being wrong. In essence: We make sure that we can afford to be wrong, financially, mentally, socially and organisationally. This means that we never take risks that may render terminal results if we are wrong, there is always steam left for plan B.

Learn always

We recognise that every day, every hour, every minute, offers us opportunities to learn new things, and we treasure these new learnings. We accept that 20 years of experience in any field often means 1 year of experience repeated 20 times, and therefore we strive to study subjects completely novel to us the more experienced we get. We defend learning as a part of any and every project and recognise that it is one of the most valuable activities we can invest our time in, including for our clients.

Honesty pays off

We always tell it like it is. Whatever situation that we may face, when disclosure of certain results or findings may disappoint us or our client, when we failed miserably and fear admitting it; we act with integrity and offer precise accounts of the situation. Because in tough situations, precise information can mean the difference between salvaging wealth and generating illth. Therefore, honesty is a virtue that pays off, that we value highly and that we expect of each other and of our partners.