Our Values

Guided by Evidence

We recognise that evidence based decision-making beats personal preference, popular beliefs and gut feeling. To put facts first is our competitive advantage in a world focused on opinions and affections.

Powered by Passion

Evidence is our compass, passion is our fuel. We strive to do fun and meaningful projects and ventures, to encourage each other and to mindfully use passion as the energy driving us forward.

Better Together

We recognise the power of deeply interconnected minds, goals and ambitions. Our mission is to act as one amazing team, helping each other as often and as much as we can, and grow together exponentially.

Built to Last

We are builders, and we love building things that last and makes the world a better place. We care about the earth and its inhabitants and we encourage initiatives rendering a better tomorrow.

Think Limitless

Great things are not built only on evidence and passion, but as much with creativity and the ability to challenge status quo. Greatness comes from investing energy and effort in thinking limitless.

Applied Wisdom

We explore the goldmines of existing knowledge of others, from academia, businesses and individuals. We focus on the study of masters and a strive to get things right, not to be wrong and move on.


We always tell it like it is. Because in tough situations, precise information can mean the difference between a good and a bad outcome. Therefore, transparency is a virtue that pays off.

Exponential Knowledge

We systematically build our organizational knowledge to get an increasingly stronger platform to operate from. We recognise that every day offers us opportunities to learn, and we treasure these new learnings.