Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance

As serial entrepreneurs we have long and diverse experience of the financial difficulties that most startups face during their earliest stages, as well as the challenges investors experience when building portfolios of high-risk illiquid assets like startups. We have found that our evidence based and methodical approach can be applied to both sides of the table; to help great startups raise sufficient funds, as well as to help investors manage their deal originations and flow, due diligence processes, and portfolio management.

However, our knowledge of entrepreneurial finance and venture capital also derives from work in the asset management and venture financing industries, as well as studies and mentorships in Silicon Valley (Venture Capital) and Oxford/London (Private Equity). Due to this we generally have a broader knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial finance and early stage venture capital than the typical entrepreneur turned investor.

Part of our commitment to clients in this area, i.e. entrepreneurs raising capital and investors seeking strategy and/or management support, is to share our expertise beyond pure experience and to make the connection to our vast international networks of founders and funders.

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