What we do

Enterprise Ignition™, the logic of magic

“When Innovation is really good and Startups really do take off, most people will see it as magic. You will read about the incredibly long hours put in, the hundreds or even thousands of failures leading up to that final financial success and the immense luck involved in the process. Like with all things considered Magic throughout the history of our civilisation, innovation and venturing have been deeply entrenched with myth and subculture.”

– Linus Bille, CEO

We see the artifacts of this every day: The not-invented-here dogma in large corporations. The zombie startups that were “failed fast”, as if failure is a virtue and grit a sin. The reckless all-or-nothing economics of many VC funds and “rock-star investors”, betting hard on entrepreneurial magic and little or nothing on business logic.

Enterprise Ignition™

As serial entrepreneurs, we gradually realized that there is much more logic behind the perceived magic of innovation and entrepreneurship than what is generally believed. We started to collect and systemise facts based on empirical research related to primarily innovation, and began building our own framework for evidence-based innovation and venturing. We call this framework Enterprise Ignition™, or EI, and it is the foundation of Eicorn and everything we do. This framework; a combination of science-style problem solving practices, philosophies and hands-on tools; was nourished by Linus Bille through EMBA studies at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, and is continuously being revised and further developed.


We help big corporations succeed with their innovation efforts. We build strategies, processes, teams, management, innovation pipelines, and even provide ideation as a service to some of the largest companies in Northern Europe.

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We nourish a growing portfolio of our own innovation projects that eventually graduate into startups. We also run corporate venturing projects with partners that adds to the portfolio. Occasionally we also invest in startups that we work with.

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Venture Capital

We have long and broad experience of entrepreneurial finance from both sides of the table. As partners to startups we help out with everything concerning fundraising. To VCs we offer a broad range of fund and portfolio management services.

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