“Innovation, when it is really good. Startups, when they really take off. To most people it is like Magic. You will read about the long hours put in, the hundreds or even thousands of failures leading up to that final success, the immense luck involved. And like with all things considered Magic throughout the history of our civilisation, innovation and venturing have been deeply entrenched with myth and subculture.”

We see the artefacts of this every day: The not-invented-here dogma in large corporates. The zombie startups that where “failed fast”, as if failure is a virtue and grit a sin. The reckless all-or-nothing economics of many VC funds and “rock-star investors”, betting hard on entrepreneurial magic and little or nothing on business logic.

As serial entrepreneurs, we gradually realised that there is much more logic behind the perceived magic of innovation and entrepreneurship than what is generally believed. We started to collect and systemise facts based on empirical research related to primarily innovation, and began building our own framework for evidence-based innovation and venturing. We call this framework Enterprise Ignition™, or EI, and it is the foundation of Eicorn and everything we do. This framework; a combination of science-style problem solving practices, philosophies and hands-on tools; was nourished by Linus Bille through EMBA studies at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, and is continuously being revised and further developed.

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEnterprise Ignition™: the Logic of Magic
Understanding innovation and creativity is at the heart of Eicorn and our Enterprise Ignition™ framework. Innovation, especially in the digital domain, is becoming increasingly important to a majority of corporations, and since efficiency has been the presiding competitive advantage in most industries for decades many firm are now struggling with organisational culture, processes and resources that are insufficient for innovations to spawn naturally.

What managers that are schooled and experienced in creating efficiencies usually do, when they understand the need to innovate inside the company, is to set up an innovation department run by the firm’s most innovative people. This group, naturally, takes on the task by innovating a highly specific setup for the innovation department in this particular firm. We call this innovating innovation, and it consistently renders low-performing innovation departments that drain corporations of their recourses and very often unravels efficiencies that are vital for the ongoing business of the firm. It is estimated that about half of Europe’s top 200 R&D firms are experiencing such struggles.

Eicorn approaches the need for corporate innovation initiatives, or revitalisations, in a fundamentally different way. We recognise the fact that virtually all firms have more things in common than they have completely unique features, and that there are well known and empirically proven methods to set up efficient innovation departments. Eicorn help firms understand which activities and strategies are most likely, from an evidence perspective, to yield positive results in the short, middle and long term. We also help our clients with tangible innovation work, ranging from management workshops and coaching to ideation, verification, on-boarding, execution and implementation.

Examples of assignments:

  • Organisational analysis from an innovation perspective. Finding out why innovation is slow or low in the firm and how to make changes.
  • Organisational development for innovation, especially setting up ambidextrous organisations correctly.
  • Management workshops, training, inspiration, coaching, with an emphasis on innovation management.
  • Implementation of evidence based innovation management principles and processes.
  • Innovation strategy development, with an emphasis on digitalisation processes and opportunities.
  • Innovation pipeline development, including ideating, prioritising, prototyping, and help with “killing darlings”.
  • Setup of corporate venturing departments, incubators and accelerators.
  • Setup of corporate co-creation programs and open innovation initiatives.
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Our clients include:

Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn Innovation
Startups at Eicorn are the graduates of successful in-house innovation projects developed with our Enterprise Ignition™ framework. These projects are often based on our own curiosity and understanding of a particular problem, in combination with facts and data that jointly form a foundation for ideation and creativity. However, we also form projects with corporate partners and external entrepreneurs that may have spotted a societal, environmental or technical problem or opportunity, but do not know how to approach it.

In what we call our portfolio, we mix our proprietary innovation projects and startups with joint ventures and investments in entrepreneurs that build evidence based businesses. We spend about 50% of our time at Eicorn working with our portfolio projects and startups. In fact, the most important quality for anyone and everyone on our team is the love to build things that last. A crucial mechanism for long term success is also the support between teams and individuals which is why all Eicorn core team members are cofounders in all of our startups, even the ones they are not (currently) involved in.

Our strategic focus is not set to any specific field, but given our founders’ backgrounds in tech, most of the projects we run are quite techy. Current portfolio projects and startups concern AI, Mixed Reality (VR/AR), Future Foods, and Future Mobility. Please check back soon, we will present part of our portfolio in detail during 2017.

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Linus Bille

Linus BilleEicorn Startups
As serial entrepreneurs we have long and diverse experience of the financial difficulties that most startups face during their earliest stages, as well as the challenges investors experience when building portfolios of high-risk illiquid assets like startups. We have found that our evidence based and methodical approach can be applied to both sides of the table; to help great startups raise sufficient funds, as well as to help investors manage their deal originations and flow, due diligence processes, and portfolio management.

However, our knowledge of entrepreneurial finance and venture capital also derives from work in the asset management and venture financing industries, as well as studies and mentorships in Silicon Valley (Venture Capital) and Oxford/London (Private Equity). Due to this we generally have a broader knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial finance and early stage venture capital than the typical entrepreneur turned investor.

Part of our commitment to clients in this area, i.e. entrepreneurs raising capital and investors seeking strategy and/or management support, is to share our expertise beyond pure experience and to make the connection to our vast international networks of founders and funders.

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