Eicorn partnered with Collector Bank and Connect2Capital for a startup-competition with the purpose of awarding one company with the title Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017. It was hard work for the startups to enter this competition since it involved answering a lot of difficult questions that most entrepreneurs typically avoid, such as: “Describe your company’s process of hypothesising, establishing and evaluating evidence, and using these findings in your decision-making.”
The competition was tough, but one company stood out and was awarded the prize with the motivation:

“The winning startup stands out from the majority in two distinct ways. Firstly, it is considering counter-evidence to its business hypothesis alongside confirmative evidence. Secondly, it has installed a permanent process for converting growth and competitiveness assumptions into measurable data that is playing a key part in the company’s decision making.”

Congratulations Zalster for earning the title Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017! This was the first time a competition like this was held, anywhere in the world as far as we know. The format was discussed and tweaked with founding members of the Center for Evidence Based Management (where Linus Bille is a fellow member) and is expected to return in 2018, possibly at an even larger scale.